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Manage All of Your Business Information in a Secure Online Environment

  • Created for Businesses and Offices of all types and sizes
  • No Software needed (Managed Hosting Solution)
  • Improve communication with your customers and staff
  • Convenient access to all of your documents anytime, anywhere
  • PDF file creation from any document - without requiring Adobe Acrobat on the user’s PC
  • Permission based access to the system - provides a secure environment for sensitive documents
  • Access documents from any Internet Connection - from your office PC, Mac, laptop, smartphone or tablet
  • Create comments and suggestions in the program - promote information sharing within the organization.

The DocHost Solution

Small Businesses
DocHost is perfect for storing and accessing your day-to-day operational documents, company policies, procedures, manuals, personnel files, etc. 

Remove file cabinets from your office and save money on off-site storage.

Store your personal data online in a secure online environment – great protection from fires, storms or theft for tax information, legal documents, receipts, and billing records.

We can scan and upload your paper documents for you. Store your email or other digital documents directly from your computer.


iDOC CORP is an industry leading document management provider, focused on document hosting, scanning, coding and conversion. See how our Online Document Management System DocHost can make document management easy for you or your business.

Online Document Storage