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Offer Document Hosting as a Reseller using our competitively priced, secure servers and using your own brand to your customers. Customize your site using your logo and color scheme. You sell to your clients with your branding, and we deal with the systems and the hardware. Begin your business without the large upfront investment into software development, expensive hardware or IT support. Call us at 866-436-2852 to find out more.

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The DocHost Solution

In today’s fast paced world, individuals and companies alike are challenged by the cost and burden of managing their paper documents and workflow systems. iDOC Corp’s secure online document management vision is to help individuals and organizations of all types better manage their business and personal documents by easily accessing vital files through technology instead of the tedious practices that have been used until now. We live in a different age, where remote partners exist, global collaboration among work teams is a necessity, telecommuting is commonplace and our Smartphones and Tablets are our lifelines. Why should having convenient access to your most important documents be elusive any longer? 

This is where DocHost can help.
Individual Solutions

Cost Effective - Cost effective Individual plans available.

Easy-to-Use - Get started right away without a time-consuming learning curve.

Mobile Access – Access your saved documents from home, office or anywhere using your laptop, Smartphone or Tablet.

Online Workspaces - Scan in or upload tax or legal documents for your professional to review and edit. Store and organize other helpful info in one place.

File Sharing – Share large files that are too big to attach as emails to family and friends.

Security Control – Passwords and permissions can be set to allow access to specific items and people.

Business Solutions

Cost Effective – Reduce business expenses associated with expensive hardware, software and IT costs.

Easy-to-Use – Minimize training with quick set up and easy to use interface.

Mobile Access – Now your sales people and other employees out in the field can access their critical information from any browser enabled device.

Online Workspaces - Create shared workspaces and easily invite team members to upload and manage files through collaboration with a version history.

File Sharing – Share large files easily within your organization or with permitted clients and associates.

Security Control – Provides permission based file access and editing with a version history maintained. 

Online Document Storage
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