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What is Cloud Computing?

Maybe you’ve heard of cloud computing. Maybe you already use it. For people that don’t know, cloud computing is a great way for small businesses and individuals to utilize IT resources without the costs and responsibilities of the physical infrastructure required. Since we consider ourselves as operating ‘in the cloud,’ we want you to understand what, exactly, this means.

Remote offices and employees will have the same access to your business documents as if they were in the corporate office. Save time and money on shipping documents between the remote locations and the main office, and secure the documents in one location. Users can quickly search all documents based on the content of the document. Find all documents related to any search term. Eliminate searching for a document in multiple file cabinets or looking for it on someone’s desk.

Why this is great for businesses of all types and sizes:

Cloud computing can provide real advantages for individuals and businesses of all types. It offers a more versatile economic and technical model. With cloud computing, you don’t have your own servers, hardware or software to purchase or maintain. On the economic side, operating in the cloud lets you pay as you go, and you only pay for what you use. So on one hand, you have lower startup costs because you don’t have to purchase expensive equipment when you are getting started. On the other hand, cloud computing allows for great scalability, since you don’t have to keep buying servers every time you add an employee or a new software system. It’s the scalability of cloud computing that makes it especially effective with quickly growing small businesses.

In addition, cloud computing removes the need for retaining an IT expert on your payroll. Unless your company is actually developing software, you don’t need to pay for the techs that would normally be running around putting out server fires.

Cloud Document Management

Try Cloud Document Management and see how it can help you or your business embrace the power of cloud computing and enterprise asset management - at a fraction of the cost.

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  • Automated, fully managed, cloud service for offsite data protection 

  • Pro-active administration resources and monitoring of data 

  • Password protection with permissions based access

  • Cloud-based backup and recovery for endpoints 

  • Patented data reduction technologies can reduce storage up to 50% 

  • Automatic and continuous backups in the background, without interrupting users 

  • Documents stored on our dedicated DocHost servers 
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