Organization and retrieval of documents, contracts, training material, manuals, policies and procedures, presentations, spreadsheets, faxes, emails and email attachments, images, personnel files and business records has never been easier or more secure.

DocHost is document management made simple - easily and securely share, track, and manage the documents and records your organization depends on.

  • A central document repository with audited document content version control

  • Powerful document metadata management and versioning

  • Sophisticated document authoring management and workflow

  • Full-text indexing technology allowing search within document contents

  • Powerful security group and role-based security model 

  • Thumbnail view of image documents

  • Importing existing metadata and its files

  • PDF conversion for secure text document sharing

DocHost Features & Functions
  • File Sharing
  • Password Protection
  • Simple Anonymous Links 
  • Co-branding
  • User Permissions
  • Mobile Access- Smartphone
  • File Security
  • Version History
  • File Commenting
  • Group Discussions

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The DocHost System

Because DocHost is a web-based system, meetings and conferences with associates or clients in various locations are easy. Our easy to use document management solution allows you to upload, edit and manage your documents quickly with just a few clicks. It also enables collaboration with those who have been given permission to access the documents and tracks any changes that they may make.

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Online Document Storage
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