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As an attorney, i am able to share my case documents with my counsel, who is located across the country. With a simple passcode, he was able to acces the documents on DOCHOST, and we were able to review them together and discuss the details much easier than before. -William C.

​With DOCHOST, we can now make our Policies & Procedures Manual available to all of our branches throughout the country, and each manager can review it and request changes electronically. This year we were able to update our Manual at a fraction of the cost we used to incur for copying and shipping our updated version. -Maria G

It didn't take long to find out how valuable DOCHOST was to my practice. I planned a vacation with my family for months. We were at the airport on a layover, when my office called. A patient of mine had an emergency and the attending physician needed my opinion right away. I was able to go to the airport's computer center, access her file on DOCHOST, and find the information I needed right away. I wish i had done this years ago! - Dr. Daniel A

As a salesman, my car is my office most of the time. Now DOCHOST, its like having a huge file room with me wherever I go! I can check my customer's previous orders anytime I need to, so I'm never caught unprepared. - Dan C.

I was a little hesitant to go completely digital; I thought I liked having paper files that I could touch andn hold onto for security. But to my surprise, I have much more peace of mind now, know ing that each piece of paper has been scannedto a .pdf file and stored for me. It's like having a snapshot of each document, historically frozen in time, that can't be altered, damaged or lost. Now that's real security. -Neal T
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